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Ruth Warrender

Postby Ruth Warrender » 2010-05-05, 16:52


I'm Ruth and I'm new to the IMWA forum. I currently work for SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd, which is an environmental consultancy for the resources industry based in Cardiff. I’ve recently completed a PhD at Aberystwyth University (Wales, UK) where my research focussed on low-cost methods for the treatment of circum-neutral pH metal mine waters. I have a long-standing interest in all aspects of mine water pollution and remediation.

I look forward to meeting more mine water enthusiasts on the forum!

Ruth Warrender
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Re: Ruth Warrender

Postby Andy Barnes » 2010-05-10, 21:33

Hi Ruth,

Welcome to the forum.
Mine Water Enthusiast!
Andy Barnes
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Re: Ruth Warrender

Postby mroccos » 2010-05-19, 21:37

Dear Ruth:

My name is Marcelo Rocco and I am writing you from Santiago, Chile. I've been trying to contact you because I found your Ph.D. thesis and I will ike to ask you some question related to sorption models and GWB.

Please, if you read this, send me an email to , and I will give you more and detailed information about what I will like to discuss with you.

Kind regards

Marcelo Rocco, Ph.D.
Faculty of Chemistry and Biology
Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Ps: This is what I found:
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